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Literacy and Technology = PB and Jelly

Re: Electronic Means of Communication = Blogging?? from July 9

Instead of using a tool that we’d all heard of, blogging, I started with the platform of collaborative learning and went from there.  I threw in some learning about our digital footprints, too.  (I opened with them Googling me and telling me about myself.  Way better than me telling them, and they learned how to do it for themselves.  I never would have told them I was a “recovering librarian,” but they learned it from my Twitter profile and thought it was great!)

We set up Google accounts for everyone and started in on Google Docs.  The group learned how to share and create documents, spreadsheets and forms.  They were so excited to see the possibility of kids working collaboratively using this tool.

Then we talked Twitter.  What does 140 characters have to do with school?  I showed them examples of breaking news events, I showed examples of fictional characters with Twitter accounts and I showed them real life examples of teachers using Twitter to tell a story.  They are not sold…yet.  But I guarentee that six months from now, someone will remember something about what we talked about and I will get an e-mail from them.  That’s the best – the seed has been planted!!

We continued on with blogging, visual images, digital storytelling, http://www.4teachers.org, webquests and library databases.  Phew.  We just barely skimmed the surface of some of those, but now they are out there.

The best part of the day was when the offer was made for the Instructional Technology staff or myself actually coming into the Literacy classrooms to either model technology instruction or help facilitate the lesson with the teacher.  The group was ecstatic! Yes, it’s true….we will be collaborative with you, so that you can model it for your students!  Woo-hoo!!


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