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Teaching, Learning & Technology Conference

I had the fantastic opportunity to present at the Teaching, Learning & Technology Conference in Rochester, NY this week.  Sponsored by Nazareth College, Monroe #1 BOCES and five local school districts, this is really the place to be to connect with some outstanding educators that are using technology for all the right reasons.

My sessions on Tuesday focused on Thinkfinity – a venture of the Verizon Foundation.  (Used to be called Marco Polo for those that remember back that far!)  Both groups were fantastic and I loved being able to spread the word about the NYS Teacher Centers partnership with Thinkfinity.

On Thursday, I co-taught Google This! with my good friend Jeremy Peters.  We presented a 3-hour course about using Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Searching and the effect of technology on our digital footprints.  Jeremy is a K-6 computer teacher for the Rochester City School District.  My latest experience is in professional development.  Between the two of us, we hope the group got the best of adult learning and also how to apply it in the classroom.

There were over 115 registrants for the conference…but I want to see more educators there next year!  You bet that I will be talking up my experience this week.  There were some other Webster folks there too, so I hope to connect with them in the fall.  For $125, attendees got 3 days of workshop sessions and lunch!  You can’t beat it!

Will I see YOU there next year??


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