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3 New Tools I LOVE!


  • Forget a linear PowerPoint or progression of website clicks!  This is one giant white (well, it’s actually black) space!!  Zoom in, zoom out, link video, audio, write text…you name it!  Check out the showcase for great examples.
  • Think about using this website with an interactive white board!


  • Ever want to share a document with 7 other users in real time?  Maybe you are a superintendent crafting a letter to parents and you want principals to have input.  Create a new pad and all 8 of you can sit in a different location and type away.  You see the changes to the document as they happen.  There is a chat window, too!  Better than a Google Document, in my opinion.
  • I used it with two colleagues I met at the NYS Staff Development Conference – and I had not met them before the conference.  We all went to different sessions, but I have the notes from all of them now!

Google’s Wonder Wheel

  • Want to see a visual representation of your next Google search?  Type your search term(s) in the box and hit search.  Under the blue line at the top of the page, click on Show Options…  Click on Wonder Wheel on the bottom of the list on the left.

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