ASCD 2009

ASCD ’09 started yesterday for me!  I am taking Schooling By Design with Jay McTighe and Allison Zmuda.

They gave us a short article to read for homework: Craft Knowledge: The Road to Transforming Schools by Deanna Burney.  Burney ties accountability to standards of practice for teachers.  She gives the example of doctors holding morbidity conferences when a patient dies.  They review standards of practice and discuss what they could have done differently.

WOW…translate that to teachers!

What would happen if we had school-wide conferences when a student fails?  There would be no conversation defending our practice, but rather what else is there to do…  Is this a great way to start the RTI discussion or what?!!

If these are ALL OUR kids, we must change how we think about accountability.


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  1. Scott Wilcox

    Sounds like a great start to the conference. I hope you all are having fun! Scott

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