We live in an insta-world.  You can anytime, anywhere (with Internet access) find out how much money you have in the bank, how many library books you have checked out at the local library, the pronunciation of the word Caprese,  and the latest news from around the world.  How is that possible?  All of those places have set  up systems.

I find myself developing systems every day – and that without them, work is chaotic.  The problem is that the world doesn’t stop while you are building them.  How do you find the balance between telling someone to wait, and making exceptions because we’re in a people business and we want to keep them happy.

On another note, today my 15 minutes of professional learning came from reading peer observation protocols.  I am excited to be part of changing how the teachers in Webster grow professionally!!



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2 responses to “Systems

  1. jborgioli

    Glad to see your writing again! Hope the new year is going well!

  2. jborgioli

    Forgot an apostrophe. I should be flogged.

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