Spotty Wifi…Unspotty Learning

It always amazes me how many people are NOT in sessions at NECC…and then you get to a session and you are closed out!  No close outs for me yet, but it’s only Monday.

This morning I was at the NETS-T Standards “release party.”  It was fun to be there for the beginning.  I did leave that session early though to head to a research paper discussion: Developing Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge  (TPCK) with Spreadsheets.  Yes, that is the actual title.  No, I didn’t enjoy myself.

I walked the vendor floor for my swag, as Bill Arcuri calls it.  A nice gift card and a stainless steel thermos were the best finds.  Getting a million NECC postcards finally paid off!  (Sorry we had to kill all those trees to get them though.)

Wendy Smith, and the other Klem South teachers involved with the HP Grant, showed their wares at the poster session this morning.  It is amazing how many people had great things to share at the poster sessions – and the three days of NECC are the only time they are all in one place at one time.  Overwhelmingly marvelous.

What am I looking forward to next???  The unconference session with Chris Lehmann at 12:30.



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  1. So glad to hear you guys are having a good time and learning all sorts of new stuff. Looking forward to seeing the consequences of all your new learning!

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