Day 2…Fin.

Overheard on Twitter: “jonbecker: At NECC NETS-A refresh session, one guy said he had ‘multiple colliding epiphanies.’ I hope he’s OK.”

Learned at Unconference session with Chris Lehmann from the Science Leadership Academy about Understanding by Design: Too often we don’t know why we do what we do.  Teachers need to teach understandings…this is a powerful thing.  Give the students an intro to UBD and then have them reverse engineer the lesson.  The kids get to the work, rather than trying to figure out what the teacher meant.

Giggled at Storytelling with Wesley Fryer, Vicki Allen and Karen Montgomery: “How many of you do unprofessional development?”  Also learned how to teach Web 2.0 with Coffee 2.0.

Finally, at Google for Educators: “We need to stop collaborating like it’s 1999.”  Presentation is here.  Couple of marvelous ways of using Google Docs.  When asking students to do group work, you can check the revisions tab to see who has contributed and how much they did.  One school is using Google Docs Spreadsheets to keep track of discipline.  Each student has a row.  As they travel to their classes through the day, each teacher adds a note.  At the end of the day, the principal celebrates those students that have positive notes in the docs.  Instant feedback for administration, teachers and students.  Also, you can use the fill out a form feature to collect info from parents.  Cool.

San Antonio has treated me pretty well so far!  Dinner at Zuni Grill tonight – crab and sea bass.  Yum.  Once back at the hotel, Jeremy wowed me with his Excel and PowerPoint prowess.


PS – “kdumont: New blog post: Apple’s Big News from NECC″


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