Behind the Scenes at NECC 2008

I am sitting on my couch, in dreary Rochester, NY, watching the fun going on at NECC 2008.  I am watching Will Richardson, Chris Lehmann, Jeff Utecht, Dean Shareski, Sylvia Martinez, Bud Hunt, Ewan McIntosh, Brian Smith, and Carl Fisch, among others, jail breaking Will Richardson’s phone.

Now, this is not the important part.  Sure, it’s cool.  These are some amazing people, who help me do my job better.  But the important thing is that they sit around and play with things.  They don’t wait for the administrator to come in and tell them what to do.  They don’t wait for the list of Time Magazine’s Top 100 websites.  They play, they try things out and they talk to each other about what works and doesn’t work.  Will had no idea why he should jail break his phone, nor did he know how.  But he had the resources he needed and he went after them.

I am getting on a plane tomorrow for NECC 2008.  I am traveling with a K-5 Technology Teacher that is not excited about NECC.  He lives in a place that is not experimental friendly.  He has tech tools, and he uses them.  He creates user guides for the teachers in his building to use the tools they have.  Of course he is successful, he is a friend of mine.  🙂  But he’s not excited about NECC.  He’s worried that he’s not into all the stuff that I like.  He’s worried he will be over his head.

If only he could see the stream I am watching now.  He would feel much better.

Oh – and props to Chris Lehmann.  He wouldn’t get his laptop out.  He said, “We talk to each other every day and we aren’t in the same room.  Now we’re in the same room and we’re still using the computer to talk to each other.”



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3 responses to “Behind the Scenes at NECC 2008

  1. It’s 4pm and I’ve just gotten out my laptop for the first time today. Conversations have been amazing…

    Hope to run into you at NECC!

  2. Erin,
    Wish I were going, but starting new job tomorrow.
    I enjoy your posts. I’d love to hear your take on what you see/hear/learn.

  3. erinells

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the comment! I will try to keep up with the posting. There are SO many things to hear and see at the conference. Good luck tomorrow!

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