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My First Recorded 15 Minutes!

If David Jakes is right, and I devote 15 minutes a day to professional learning, what exactly am I expecting to happen?  Will my outlook on life or teaching or learning change?  Will the 24 hours in a day that I currently have turn into 25 or 26 hours?  Will people around me realize that I am getting smarter?  Will I actually get smarter?


I expect our students to change.  I expect that teachers attending professional development that I lead to change.  I expect that my work will make other people change.  But what exactly happens to me.  How do I get to show what I have learned?  Is what I am learning making change in a positive way?

Taking the idea of 15 minutes of professional learning to heart, I will share what I have learned.  I might even share how I have changed.  Whatever happens, this blog is the record.



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